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“Every day is a battle out there in some way, shape, or form. Make sure your corner is backing you up.”

We’ve all seen the boxing match scene where the referee is checking the recently knocked down, half groggy fighter to see if he is OK to continue. Then the bell rings and his cohorts jump into the ring, grab the fighter, and sit him down on the stool that two seconds ago wasn’t there and start what can only be the boxing equivalent of a Daytona 500 pit stop. One man is massaging muscles, another pouring some kind of liquid down his mouth, another is wiping sweat and blood off. All the while an intense conversation is going on between the Coach and the Fighter. I call to mind this scene to beg the question: who’s in your corner? Who is giving you the nourishment, support, and guidance you need to successfully work through the crisis you are experiencing? At Crisis1 we’re in your corner and we bring the tools and people you will need to get you back in the ring.
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